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Evaluation Proverbs, Prepping for Results, and Mobile Data Collection

December 21st, 2012 · Comments

Hi folks,

This week we again chat about a number of miscellaneous items including helpful proverbs for explaining evaluation in different cultures and mobile data collections.

Here are the links to the West African Proverbs for evaluation and the 30 Ideas for Building a Culture of Evaluation. You can join the AEA365 Tip A Day here and all the Evaluator Christmas Carols here. Apologies for Kylie's singing.


James & Kylie

ps-bigger apologies about my countertop ramblings!!~James :)

Tags: Miscellaneous

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

December 11th, 2012 · Comments

In this episode Kylie and James debrief their respective weeks in evaluation and end up covering a multitude of subjects including re-discovering one's stats skills, evaluator objectivity, and reporting to senior execs.

To see the Chris Lysy cartoon we reference click here.

Here's an example of the Post-it note technique Kylie refers to:


And the stock photo:


"Help, my son is a stock photo photographer..."

And here's the link to the Government of Canada's Treasury Board report, "2011 Health of the Evaluation Function" that we...uh...didn't get around to discussing.

Until next time,

James and Kylie

Tags: Evaluation Reporting · Effective Presentation · Miscellaneous

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